Facial Aesthetics

At Byres Road Dental Practice we are dedicated to providing the best quality and standards of care, and are now pleased to offer facial rejuvenation treatments at our clinic in the heart of Glasgow’s West End. These treatments are carried out by our fully qualified and indemnified clinicians in one of our modern treatment rooms where we follow the latest regulations and guidelines for infection control.

Our consultations are only carried out by our clinicians ensuring you get the best advice, treatment, follow-up and post-operative care.

Dr Katie McKay BDS MJDF RCS (Eng) has been providing facial aesthetic treatments at Byres Road Dental Practice since 2012. Katie is fully qualified in proving wrinkle relaxing treatments and dermal fillers. She has been trained by Allergan practitioners in carrying out BOTOX® injections and Azzalure®

The BOTOX® or Azzalure® injections contain a protein derivative of botulinum toxin which when injected into the muscle blocks the signal from the nerve to the muscle preventing it from moving and therefore relaxing the overlying skin and wrinkles.


These injections are used to smooth dynamic facial expression lines i.e. those formed from moving the underlying muscles and create a softer look. The most commonly treated areas are the forehead, eyes (crow’s feet), and frown lines but we can also treat other areas of the face.

These include softening neck lines and upper lip lines, correct a dimpled chin, create and eyebrow lift, lift the corners of the mouth. Other uses are for tension headaches, teeth grinding and to reduce a gummy smile.

Many people are nervous about having this treatment in case they look unnatural or look “frozen” . The injections can be tailored to your individual needs whether this is an ultra natural appearance or as smooth as possible.

Dermal fillers are substances which are identical to those found naturally in the skin and are an instant way to soften lines and folds in the skin. Fillers can be used to treat frown lines, nose to mouth lines and in fact almost any line, wrinkle or fold in the face can be treated with a filler.

They can also be used to add volume to the cheeks, chin or jawline, to enhance the lips, accentuating the lip line or creating full sensuous lips.

Wrinkle Smoothing Treatment and Dermal Fillers

  • Standard charges
  • from £150
  • 1 Area – £150
  • 2 Areas – £195
  • 3 Areas – £245
  • Dermal fillers charges
  • from £130
  • 0.5ml – £130
  • 1.0ml – £180

Facial Aesthetics Payment Plan

These treatments will require to be repeated at 3-12 month intervals to maintain optimal results so we have joined with DPAS to design a skin care plan to reward loyal patients. This plan will be administerd by DPAS who will make a seperate arrangement with you to manage payments under the plan.

The plan will provide advantages to you and us. It will allow us to plan your skin care more effectively and provide the best chance of keeping your skin in top condition. The advantage for you is that you will have peace of mind that your skin care will be covered by affordable payments.

Benefits of the Plan

  • Payment by monthly Direct Debit, allowing you to budget whilst saving you money on looking younger
  • Regular appointments at times to suit you, wherever possible
  • On-going advice and review as necessary

Who is Our Plan For?

Our Plan is intended for clients who wish to attend on a regular basis in order to maintain their desired look by means of an affordable option.

Byres Road Facial Aesthetics Wrinkle Smoothing Injections 2 Visits Per Year

  • 1 Area – £150 upfront to practice at first appointment – £25 per month
  • 2 Areas- £195 upfront to the practice at first appointment – £32.50 per month
  • 3 Areas – £245 upfront to the practice at first appointment – £40 per month

Dermal Fillers: (one tube per year)

  • 0.5ml – £150 upfront then £10.40 per month
  • 1.0ml – £200 upfront then £14.50 per month

Any client on the plan who requires additional dermal filler or botulinium toxin type A will receive 10% discount on standard charges.

Terms and conditions:

Pt must sign up within 3 days of receiving treatment.
DPAS £10 registration fee is payable.
In the event of cancellation of plan refunds will be given in Voucher Format to be redeemed at the practice within 6 months.
Terms and conditions within this offer are subject to change without notice are subject to change without notice.

Merging with Devonshire Dental Practice!

As of August 5th, all Byres Road Dental appointments will be held at the nearby Devonshire Dental practice.

Don't worry, finding us online is easy! Our website and Google listing will be updated to direct you to Devonshire Dental.

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We appreciate your understanding and look forward to welcoming you to Devonshire Dental!

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